Quad core and Octa core Processor – Everything should be know

Octa-core Processor

According to the name, it is clear that the Octa-core processor is made up of eight processor cores that power any smartphones and tablets. It is also called multi-core Processor because the chips are made by eight cores. Octa-Core chips have two sets of quad-core processors, according to it’s design its split various tasks between them for the more faster process. For any usual operation Most of the time, the lower-powered set of cores will be engaged frequently and when advanced tasks are coming up, then the others faster set of four cores handle the tasks.

Quad-Core Processor

Currently, in the industry, one more processor is available called quad core which is made by four cores. Octa-core Processor is faster and efficient then quad core but it depends on some factors, basically, there are multiple factors that provides the efficiency of the Octa-core Processor. It depends on the CPU’s frequency, software designed to take advantage of all eight cores, and the chip’s design and architecture itself.

Each core of quad-core processors can work simultaneously on a given task. The processor provides fast and fluid multitasking, smooth 3D gameplay, and super-speedy camera performance, among other things

What does exactly the processor do?

The processor might look like a little square chip, but there’s a lot of complex and logical circuitry involved. A smartphone processor is like the CPU of the computer either it is octa-core or quad core. Basically, a processor is responsible for executing program instruction from ordinary CPU instructions( Such as add, move data, and branch) and converts them into electronic signals and gives the desired output. It is also connected to much more peripheral devices such as – Bluetooth, accelerometer, GPS, Cellular modem etc. That’s why mobile CPUs called SOC – System On Chip – and its design is more complicated than an ordinary desktop or laptop CPU.

Available Processor Developers

In present ARM and Intel are the two major chipset developers for Android OS phones, except these there are several chipset developers involved to develop the same things. Most of the time Qualcomm, Samsung, NVIDIA, and Mediatek use ARM’s reference designs to build processors. Based on their architecture Intel makes its own processors.

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