microsd card

How to choose right microSD Card – A Buyer’s Guide You should know

microSD Card

A microSD card is an electronic flash memory data storage chip which used for storing digital information such as videos, songs, photos and other’s different type of files. These are randomly used in mobile phones, tablets and other’s portable electronic devices. In the present, there are several developers engaged in developing different types of microSD and SD cards. SanDisk, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Lexar and other’s Chinese company proudly involved in this industry. Among them, SanDisk, Samsung, Sony and Lexar are the most famous and reliable microSD cards manufacturer in the world. After developing a microSD card, it’s helped to reduce dimensions and weights of smartphones or any others devices where used the cards. SanDisk is the first company is introduced to the card on July 13, 2005.

Size and Capacity of microSD cards

Size or Dimensions
Generally three types of microSD cards available in the market, microSD, miniSDHC and microSDXC cards. All microSD cards physical format are same which comes in 15 mm × 11 mm × 1 mm. Here 15 mm in height, 11 mm in width and 1 mm in thickness. See the photo for the clear concept.

microsd card dimension

microSD card has a variety in terms of capacity. Almost all company have all capacities microSD card. More capacity means more data can be stored in the card. There was a time when 16 GB microSD card was the highest capacity cards in the industry but now a day 128 or 256 GB microSD cards frequently used in smartphones and tablets. In the present according to the capacity format available microSD cards are-

microSD: It is the lowest capacity microSD cards which have data storage capacity is up to 2 GB.

microSDHC: It has a  capacity of 2GB to 32 GB and can be used in SDHC and SDXC supported devices.

microSDXC: Till now it is a highest capacity memory card only supports in SDXC hardware devices. It has a capacity of 32GB to 2 TB but in the present only 512 GB microSD cards available in the market which brought to you by SanDisk.

What factors to be considered while buying a microSD card?

Format Variations: Before buying microSD cards it is very essentials to verify your device supported formats. We already discussed the format of microSD cards. Choose from three formats SD, SDHC and SDXC according to the device supported formats.

Warranty: Warranty and reliability is another important factor while buying a memory card. Longer warranty means manufacturer will replace or repair your card if it is a failed response.

Speed: microSD cards depends on two factors which makes any operation faster or slower. If the Write speed is slower, then it will take a bit longer time to capture photos by smartphone or digital camera. Photo viewing and any files transfer time can be faster or slower depending on the read speed of memory card. So before buying desire cards, it is important to verify the speed factors.

Recovery Software: It helps to recover any deleted photos or others files. But it can not recover any data if the cards physical damage. Many memory card manufacturers have their recovery software, buying a memory card from who have their recovery software is more reliable and cost-effective from others.

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